What Do You Need? 



Whether your target audience speaks English or Spanish, you'll want to reach them with the words that will generate a specific response; whether you're looking for emotional engagement, clear logic, or even a humorous touch, and to that end, you need an experienced professional.


Having been in the trenches, as production director of a popular Spanish-language radio station, where spots came in by the pound, as well as having served national clients through a major advertising agency, I offer a depth of experience and professionalism which translate into your having someone on your team who understands razor-thin timelines, and who brings to the table the kind of creativity that garners gold Clios!



As our country's population becomes more culturally diverse, one of the ways your company can establish a strong bond with a target audience, in a language other than English, is to show true sensitivity by providing using both native and culturally appropriate language in addressing them. Nothing engages like a well-crafted message, with a genuinely native feel, both in translation and voice. A quality translation or original copy, communicate clearly and, just as importantly, show respect for your audience.

I look forward to helping you reach your target audience with just the right message, in just the right style.



For over 34 years I have provided voices ranging from announcer to gypsies, "comadres," a dead-on impression of "La India María", and even male and African American characters. My voice even traveled all over Latin America with "Los Muppets en Español" as the voices of Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, and Grover.


Whether you're looking for a warm and credible voice of reason, or want to give your project a fun twist with an accent or character... I have the range and flexibility to give you just what you want. Let's get creative together!



From medical topics to wacky furniture retail spots, I have an extensive background in a broad range of genres. I have provided services to Texas A&M Ag Extension Services, Fiesta Foods (in Houston), and Lacks Furniture Stores (in the TX Valley), among others.


I have both the experience and skills (I am teleprompter and audioprompter proficient) to deliver your message the way you envision it. Let's talk!



Give your event the gift of a quick-thinking, flexible host! I have emceed or hosted Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza events for over 18 years. I have also served as host or emcee for various charitable functions. My stand-up comedy and live radio background are invaluable in providing spontaneous, entertaining moments for your audience, and keeping things running smoothly even when things don't go exactly as planned. 



  • Spanish-language support in directing talent

  • dialogue coaching

  • proofreading

  • on-set script notes