2020 marks my 28th year as an independent business owner!

Over the last four decades, I've helped my clients create bilingual, synergistic campaigns that reach their target audiences with engaging, and culturally appropriate messages.

One of my super powers is native proficiency in both English and Spanish. Another key ingredient in my clients' success is my ability to provide seamless, end-to-end execution of audio and video projects; everything from copywriting and translation to on-camera and voiceover, as well as a host of other support services!

My experience runs the gamut from production director and morning show co-host on Spanish radio to chief copywriter for a major Spanish-language advertising agency. I have lent my voice and image to commercial and industrial applications: Spokesperson, online course host, and corporate training narrator. You may not realize it, but I'm also the voice that greets you for major companies you do business with everyday -- in English, Spanish, or both!

I offer the experience and quality your company's reputation demands. My personal standards of excellence and proven track record will combine to meet your highest expectations.  





Fluently Bilingual - Eng/Span




Consecutive Interpretation

On-Camera Spokesperson/Host



Character Voices & Accents

In-home Studio

Dialogue Coaching








Freelance Advertising Consultant & Broadcast Talent

1981- present


One-Stop shopping for your creative advertising and communications needs.


Lacks Furniture Spokesperson

​2002- present


​Since 2002 I have represented Lacks Valley Stores on television and radio, in both English and Spanish. Besides serving as spokesperson, I also do the translations for all radio and television spots.



Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza Emcee

​1995 - 2013


​I have had the privilege of serving as emcee for the annual Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza concerts, competitions, and events for over 18 years! This has been a joy and an opportunity to share my passion for mariachi music with the San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi communities.


Sosa Bromley Aguilar & Assoc.


Serving as Chief Copywriter at SBA& Assoc, I was responsible for concept development, copywriting, translation, and proofing of any materials that would appear in print, for such national clients as American Airlines, Anheuser-Busch (corporate and beer brands), Burger King, Coca Cola, Western Union, General Motors, Montgomery Ward, NationsBank, Bank of America, LensCrafters, and Payless ShoeSource.


During my tenure with SBA&A I wrote, cast, and directed a Bud Dry radio campaign. One of the spots from that campaign earned me a gold "Clio."


KZVE - "Qué Suave" Radio Morning Show Co-Host



Although I had already worked as a freelance talent for 10 years when I had the good fortune to land a position at KZVE, my tenure there gave me my Ph.D. in high-speed, volume copywriting, old-school tape editing, and exploded my skills in improvisation.

As production director for KZVE/KXTN I was responsible for creating original copy at breakneck speed for the sales department's incoming orders; sometimes as many as 12-16 ORIGINAL spots per day. I assigned or voiced and produced all spots on a daily basis.

As morning show sidekick, it was my job to be the color/humor. I was responsible for prepping  topics for each segment, and had the priceless opportunity to employ the arsenal of voice characters who would otherwise have just sat on the bench, waiting for their turn at bat.


Telephony Systems

1991- Present

I have served as the Spanish voice for in-line messaging systems for Southwestern Bell, AT&T, and various insurance, banking, and medical organizations.