Are You Just a Little Bamboo Shoot?

I'm an entrepreneur... I'm self-employed... and I'm the biggest cheerleader you will find for power of self-employment. It's not for everyone. Building a business takes hard work, and time. It doesn't happen overnight.

I've owned and successfully run my company for over 24 years. Sometimes I can't believe it. I look back at how I began my journey (it seems like yesterday), and I thank God for all the wonderful people who believed in me, supported me, and hired me!

There are those who can't imagine waking up and not having a guaranteed paycheck to go earn; then there are those of us who can't imagine (as I like to call it) "working in captivity." The fact of the matter is that it takes a certain kind of individual to strike out on his own. The decision and the reason is different for everyone. For me, it was an article in a San Antonio weekend magazine that profiled top earners in the community. It took me less than five minutes to scan names, annual earnings, and field of endeavor for the light to go on and to realize that if I was ever going to make more than my boss said I was worth, I had to strike out on my own.

I tip my hat to all you entrepreneurs out there, and if you're reading this and building a career with a company, I salute you too. If you are a tender, green bamboo shoot, whether in self-employment, or with an organization... just remember: the bamboo tree grows underground for four full years, but once it breaks the soil, it can will grow 80 feet in a single season.

Here's a great article to keep you motivated!



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